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The standard tokenization process can be painfully slow and extremely expensive for the average user.

TokenFi gives users all they need to create a token or tokenize Real World Assets (RWA) in a simple all-in-one platform without writing a line of code!


The tokenization and RWA market is projected to be a $16 trillion industry by 2030.

TokenFi aims to solve this problem! TokenFi aims to give users all they need to create successful crypto tokens or tokenize an asset in a simple all-in-one platform without writing a single line of code!

TokenFi Offers the Following Solutions...

TokenFi Token Launcher

Launch your own ERC20 (or BEP20) compliant token, like FLOKI for example, without touching a line of code.

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EVM compatible blockchains.

Features and Tokenomics

Choose which features you want in your new token.

Treasury FeeA fee that is collected and sent to the project’s treasury wallet.
Burn FeeMake your token deflationary, by burning tokens on transactions.
ReflectionAutomatically redistribute fees to all token holders.
Buyback LiquidityFor long-term price stability and value growth.
Liquidity Setup

Creating a liquidity pool on major decentralized exchanges allows people to trade your token.

Liquidity Options
Select a Decentralized Exchange
How much of your tokens for providing liquidity?
Elon (ELN)

Balance: 1.334.345.631

Coming soon

Generative AI for NFTs

TokenFi users can leverage the power of Generative AI for their NFT launches, resulting in quick and high quality artwork with just a few clicks.

PromptHyper-realistic viking warrior, green eyes, Portrait::2.0 Macro lens::1.5 Colorful::1.7 --ar 4:5 --v 5.0
Coming Soon




Coming Soon

TokenFi Connect allows users to directly and seamlessly connect with key players.

Connect with institutions, including market makers, exchanges, funds, and influencers/thought leaders for easy access to deeper liquidity and reach for your tokens -- even if you have zero experience.

TokenFi QuickLaunch bot would allow quick and instantaneous token deployment through Telegram and Discord.

This strategically positions TokenFi to capitalize on Telegram’s massive user base of 800 million users and Discord’s massive user base of 196 million users in time for the next wave of massive retail adoption heading into the bull run.

Coming Soon

TokenFi RWA Tokenization Module

This would allow anyone to tokenize Real World Assets (RWA) that are not securities relatively quickly and efficiently through the TokenFi platform.

Coming Soon

Referral Program and User Incentives

The TokenFi referral program allows you to earn a percentage of fees when you refer people and they use the protocol! We have also allocated 5% of the TokenFi token supply towards a user incentive program aimed at boosting adoption.

Coming Soon

TokenFi AI Smart Contract Auditor

Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform an on-the-spot audit of tokens created with TokenFi, assuring users about contracts they launch through the platform. Users will also get a branded audit report to show to their users to increase trust in their tokens.

TokenFi Launchpad

Allows users to raise funds for their tokens in a decentralized manner and without worrying about the technical aspects.

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Total Raise$350.000
Total Value0.01






Total Raise$350.000
Total Value0.01




Token Distribution

Staking Pools (56%)

Earn rewards by staking FLOKI tokens.

Liquidity Pool (10%)

For the token on ETH and BNB chains.

Treasury (22%)

For development, operations and various activities.

Incentive Program (5%)

To encourage adoption of the new protocol.

New Token Staking Pool (7%)

To ensure long-term stability.